What a climax!

Darker After Midnight (with bonus novella A Taste of Midnight): A Midnight Breed Novel - Lara Adrian


Sterling Chase, once an upstanding enforcer of Breed law, has been spiraling downward for some time, dangerously skirting the edges of Bloodlust. When the story begins, he has sacrificed himself to the human police after Dragos orchestrated them chasing his minions directly to the Order's compound. Chase's selfless act gave the warriors time to relocate and destroy the underground of the property. The police believed he  attempted to shoot U. S. Senator Bobby Clarence. While in custody, Tavia Fairchild, Clarence's assistant, comes in to identify Chase as the shooter and the chaos begins. 

The action in this story never let up as Dragos senses he's on the verge of complete world dominance after neutralizing the Order by compromising the compound. Chase recognizes that Tavia may be in danger and abducts her only to discover she's more than what she seems. Their unlikely pairing was a blessing for both of them as they became critical to each other's survival. Tavia promises to be one of the more complex and interesting characters going forward and her romance with Chase was long overdue for the tortured warrior. 

The events occurring in this story signal an end to the era as it was once known and the beginning of the next.  It was incredibly exciting with a fitting climax. It's also unclear what that future will look like but it is an important pivot in this series and I can't wait to read the next book.