Good story in need of a good editor

Finding Pride - Jill Sanders
Megan Kimble lands in Pride, Oregon to attend her older brother's funeral and plans to remain there until she figures out what's next for her. It doesn't take long for her to be embraced by the people of the town and the Jordan siblings, especially Todd, who is immediately drawn to her. Megan is just out of an abusive marriage and is still wearing the evidence of that brutality. 

My rating for the book has nothing and everything to do with the story. I'm not usually very picky about grammatical errors and can often overlook minor misspellings and misplaced apostrophes. That isn't the case here as many basic rules of grammar were ignored. It made reading difficult and it's just not excusable to call a work product finished with errors on just about every page. I came close to just abandoning the book but continued on for two reasons. 

First, in spite of the barriers to getting through the book, it is an interesting story. I liked the characters and wanted to see how their relationships would unfold. This is at least a three-book series and I wasn't willing to give up so easily. 

Secondly, after reading two chapters, I checked to see if there was an updated version and found one but it wasn't much better. I also looked at the reviews on Amazon to see if anyone else had my same experience and determined I was far from alone. I also noted that the author has since engaged a credible editor for subsequent books and, after reading the sample for the next book, I could see the fruits of that investment. I read at least two chapters and they were nicely presented and completely error free. 

In summary, rather than give this book one star, I'm giving it another for the quality of the story and the promise of something better in the next books. Megan and Tom have a lovely relationship and his brother and sister are pretty interesting. But, you need to be prepared for a pretty poorly written beginning to a promising series. It's worth the effort and investment to correct all that's wrong with this book. 

(I was provided an ARC from the author)