Wild about Harry

The Black Ice - Michael Connelly
Story review
Harry is still very much an island within his own department, which, given the players, is a very good thing. Ethical lines keep moving in the wrong direction and he's not in that club. Despite obstacles presented by his own department, Harry pursues this case involving a murdered cop when others were ready to classify it as a suicide. He's got great instincts and needed all of them with this one as the bad guys weren't always outside of law enforcement. 

We also learn a lot about Harry's background, providing some key insights about this enigmatic detective. I've got to admit I'm starting to fall for him and I don't see that changing. He's smart, principled and oh so flawed with just a touch of tortured hero. 

Audio review
Dick Hill's interpretation of Harry is dead on. You can hear the smirk in his voice, his cadence and timing utterly perfect. Even if I read any of the other books in the series (I don't plan to), I'd still hear his voice as Harry. 

The bottom line
Harry Bosch is a NY style detective toughing it out in the Hollywood precinct of the LAPD because he won't play politics. The series is edgy, unpredictable and interesting. This one topped it off with a real surprising twist, too. I wasn't expecting a halo of romance with these stories but I'm getting it from this man. I'll be listening to the series until Connelly stops writing the books. If you're a fan of detective stories without the gloss, then you'll like Harry, too.