He really was the best man

The Best Man's Baby - Victoria  James

I started this book not really knowing what to expect but felt this would be a fairly light-hearted story. But, with what I knew of these two characters from the first book, I couldn't imagine them being "frothy." My instincts were correct as both Claire and Jake had depth and complexity, making this an outstanding story. 

Claire's silent crush on Jake dated back to high school. He being six years older, Jake never gave her the time of day. When they came together many years later, the night of his brother and Claire's best friend's wedding, little did they know it would have such a lasting effect. 

What's beautiful about the story is how two seemingly well put together people emerged from the traumatic circumstances of their childhoods. Both brought different strengths to their patched-together relationship, beyond the bonds of impending parenthood. Claire's reactions rang authentic and Jake's painful past was downright heartbreaking. The story had so much substance, tackling tough contemporary issues head on without quick fix solutions. That's not to say there wasn't a fairy tale ending but it was appropriate to the characters and the storyline.

I loved this little gem of a story and couldn't be happier that it far surpassed my expectations.