Laugh out loud hilarious!

Rock Chick  - Kristen Ashley

Ever read one of those stories where what comes next is almost predictable but the details keep it fresh? Well, that's this book in a nutshell. 

When Rock Chick Indy Savage finds herself in over her head with some seriously bad dudes, she lands on the doorstep of her best friend's brother, a seriously badass who she's been in love with since she was five years old. Lee Nightingale is scary himself and no one is really clear what side of the law his business falls on. He's prepared to handle things but Indy is pretty loyal to her friends and, well, she's a Rock Chick. It's not her nature to be taken care of. 

This story is hilarious! Indy creates one train wreck after another as there are a number of people trying to find her friend Rosie and the diamonds he's supposed to have with him. Indy seems to collect strays and other bizarre folks routinely and it somehow makes sense. They just add to the craziness without it being too over the top. I laughed hard throughout this story and there are some gems that will just have you in tears. There are two scenes that bring a smile to my face just thinking about them.

Now, the romance between Indy and Lee takes some time to settle in but not for Lee. Once that page was turned he was all in. Indy needs some time to figure out how to manage this alpha male even if he's what's she's wanted for almost two decades. 

The story isn't perfect and Indy has quite a few TSTL (too stupid to live) moments. But, oddly they work here. There's a huge cast of characters that I can't wait to see more of. I'm in for this incredible ride. This is my first book by Ashley and I'm excited to move forward in this series and a couple of others I already own. Stay tuned because I'll be back talking about the next book soon.