Great procedural, nice twist

Destination Unknown - Liz Strange

David is hired by the father of a young woman, Piper Falco, who disappeared in Curaçao after disembarking from the cruise ship she worked for. The case puts him in the Caribbean as he tries to assemble clues to find Piper who seems to have just vanished. 

David and his partner, Jamie, are also working together for the first time and have opened a joint office. Their relationship is shifting to one that is fully committed, requiring David to exercise more caution and care for his physical safety. 

The procedural aspect of the story was interesting as it led David and Jamie into the seedier side of Curaçao, exposing the underbelly where sex trafficking was on the rise. There were several exciting and harrowing situations that kept me on edge, all the while not knowing if Piper was dead or alive. 

I enjoyed seeing David and Jamie settle into their relationship and learn how to be a couple. They're thriving as a couple and have a strong family network. It's not the central aspect of the story but is certainly an important foundation. 

This was an interesting case that went in unexpected directions. I'm looking forward to the next book as there are several budding romances in David and Jamie's world, as well as a shift in David's perspective. I love this series and enjoyed this story.

(I received an ARC from the author)