Come Home to Me - Brenda Novak

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I've looked forward to Presley's story as she has emerged from the lowest depths to completely turnaround her life. The only drawback was the big lie concerning the paternity of her 18-month old son. She's not only not told the father, Aaron Amos, he has a son but Presley out and out denied that he was. And, her sister Cheyenne is in on the secret and she's married to Aaron's brother.


What I liked about the story
It was truly uplifting to witness the change in Presley Christiansen. Not only was she totally committed to the welfare of her son, Wyatt, she was determined to make a sustainable life for herself. Presley had a career plan and was focused on achieving her goals. What she accomplished was extraordinary and she was unafraid to hold her head up around those aware of her past or who had previously looked down on her.


Where the story left me cold
It was inevitable that Wyatt's father would discover the truth about the child's paternity. Since Presley's sister, Cheyenne was complicit in this deception (keeping it from her own husband), I anticipated that the reveal would be explosive. Not only was it not, Cheyenne and Presley continued to believe they were justified and really didn't suffer any repercussions. What was even more disappointing was Presley's reaction to Aaron's later bonding with Wyatt. She resented it and most of her actions were to try to push him away.


There's a parallel story involving a dreadful deception by Cheyenne. I kept reading, knowing that brighter, more ethical heads would prevail. Unfortunately, that didn't happen and this character is truly unredeemable for me. Given her personal circumstances, it was inconceivable to me that she could ever even entertain the idea of what she did, let alone do it. I have no further interest in this character and just couldn't understand the course selected. It was unrealistic and unfortunate.


The bottom line
I love this series because of the characters and small town setting. But, I had a tough time with the last romance and this story left me freezing cold. It's well written and the storyline hooked me from beginning to end. However, most of that was because of my hope that it would turnaround but, sadly, it didn't. I really liked Cheyenne and Dylan but now I'm hoping he gets a new HEA; her actions were that repugnant to me. This storyline eclipsed the romance of Presley and Amos, which was also somewhat of a letdown. To say I was disappointed is an understatement.


(I received an ARC from NetGalley)