Unholy Ghosts (Chess Putnam series: Downside Ghosts, Book 1)

Unholy Ghosts  - Stacia Kane The world has changed; the government has fallen, the dead have risen and the Church of Real Truth is now in charge. It has promised to reimburse citizens being haunted by the dead so they’ve assembled and trained “debunkers” to investigate claims. Chess Putnam is a church witch and debunker who has a real talent for dealing with these dead spirits. However, she’s got a lot of issues, one being that she is deeply in debt to a dangerous drug lord and he’s demanding payment in kind. As if that’s not bad enough, she’s juggling two men, one the enforcer for the drug lord and the other the second for a rival gang leader.I had no interest in starting this series but decided to try it after pressure from a friend who knows what I like. Now I’m hooked. Chess is not your typical heroine and there’s a lot frustrating about her. Her “love” interests, Terrible and Lex, are also as far from any hero I’ve ever idealized but somehow it all works and I care about these people. Of course, the narrator for the audiobook is exceptional and does her part in helping to capture my imagination.I’ve already finished the second book and am waiting to begin the third. The apocalyptic world created here is stark and rough, especially with the added element of rogue ghosts who don’t behave the way you’re accustomed to seeing them. You want Chess to make the right choices and most of the time she does but those times when she goes off the rails, the crash is cataclysmic. But yet, she still picks herself up and makes the best of the situation, even when her circumstances are dire.I’m in for the long haul for the series and am really grateful someone thought enough of me to push me to read the first book.