Desire Unchained (Demonica, Book 2)

Desire Unchained - Larissa Ione Tayla Mancuso is an Aegi slayer who is committed to killing demons, believing that they are all evil. Lately, she’s been having physical issues that almost paralyze her at unpredictable moments. One evening when she and a fellow slayer are in the middle of a skirmish, she experiences one of these episodes and ends up in a secret demon hospital. Eidolon, a demon doctor in the hospital, treats Tayla even though all around him want to see her die. He’s also nearing his transition that has him highly sexualized with an uncommon attraction to Tayla. Eidolon also has discovered the source of Tayla’s problems, one that she will be loath to learn.It took awhile for me to connect to this story as a lot of information about the demons and the associated world is jam packed into the beginning. Add to that, Tayla and Eidolon begin a sexual relationship at the start because of the physical issues they’re both experiencing. This made it hard to connect with their potential romance. However, when I reached the halfway point, all of that front-loaded education started to payoff as I understood the dynamics of the demon world and that of the human world. The action was extremely exciting and I eventually warmed to the idea of Tayla and Eidolon. Plus, he’s pretty sexy and interesting and Tayla’s backstory helped make her behavior more sensible. It’s a brutal world with lots of political intrigue and hidden agendas.I enjoyed the story but because the beginning was so laborious I’m taking a ½ star off of the rating. I do plan to continue this series as the secondary characters were extremely promising and interesting. Rated 3½ stars.