Off the Grid: A Monkeewrench Novel (Monkeewrench Series)

Off the Grid - P.J. Tracy, Buck Schirner The owners of the software company, Monkeewrench, have created a new computer game called Serial Killer Detective and it's out in limited release. The problem is, someone is simulating the murders in the game in real life. They're reluctant to tell the Minneapolis police of the game's connection to these murders because it might expose pasts they'd like to keep under wraps.This was an interesting story and premise with likable characters, especially the law enforcement teams. Their repartee was one of the highlights of the book, along with their dogged, by the numbers approach to solving the case. There were a few interesting twists that surprised me, even though I was able to identify the perpetrator fairly early. We don't learn much about most of the Monkeewrench team aside from one partner but the Minneapolist police force more than compensated. The lead detectives on the case (Magozzi and Rolseth) were my favorites and were well developed.I listened to the story on audiobook and the narration interfered with my experience (poor enunciation, difficulty in distinguishing characters, etc.)and is largely responsible for my lower rating (3.5 stars). It's a good start to the series but I'll have to read the next books as the same narrator is used for the entire series to date. These characters are worth pursuing.