The Ranger: A Highland Guard Novel

The Ranger - Monica McCarty Arthur Campbell, known as Ranger within the Highland Guard, has secretly maintained his membership within this elite force for the past two years, spying on King Edward's forces while pretending to be one of them. He's now conflicted about it as his current target's daughter, Anna MacDougall, is seriously testing the limits of his deception. He's seeking revenge against her father but is drawn to this enchanting woman. I really liked both characters and was looking forward to Arthur's story since his role as a spy was known only to Tor and Richard Bruce. The conflicts he faced were pretty rough and did take a toll on him but his resolve kept him focused. Anna was spirited, smart and intuitive, posing a real threat to Arthur as she actively pursued him, partly because her father asked her to spy on him and because she was personally drawn to him. Their romance worked, once it got going, and I liked the conflict. The beginning of the story immediately captured me and the final segments couldn't have been more exciting. What wore me down was the middle of the book, which belabored the angst of both Arthur and Anna as they continued to deceive one another. There was considerably less action here than in the first two books of the series, which was a disappointment. I probably would have been more satisfied if they hadn't raised my expectations for this one. It still was an enjoyable story even with these limitations and I'm rating it 3.5 &#9733s and am still so in love with this series.