The Recruit: A Highland Guard Novel

The Recruit - Monica McCarty While England and Scotland pause their war under a temporary truce agreement, Kenneth Sutherland is using this time to prove himself worthy of becoming a member of Bruce's infamous phantom warriors, the Highland Guards. Mary of Mar was so disillusioned by her first husband that she has no desire to ever look for love or be married again and works really hard to appear unattractive. However, Kenneth sees beneath the drab and is captivated. I loved this story, with its messy romance, convoluted politics and taut, suspenseful action.  Kenneth is extremely handsome and arrogant about his charm while Mary wants no part of him or any man. Even though she looks like a nun, Mary is smart and spirited, creating a challenge for the over confident Kenneth. Her resistance is like catnip to him and his pursuit of her made for some interesting moments. Robert The Bruce's campaign to separate Scotland from England serves as an extraordinary backdrop for this romance. Mary is forced to live in England and Kenneth must use subterfuge to continue his relationship with her outside of Scotland while continuing as a recruit for Bruce's Guards. Their transformations, individually and as a couple, were compelling, realistic and touching  There was just the right balance of angst and lust, never wearying you of either. I love this series with its brawny, delectable warriors and delightful heroines. There are at least twelve members of the Guard and I hope this series goes the distance with stories for each of them.  The war between England and Scotland never read so good!(I received an ARC from NetGalley)