Dream Lake (Friday Harbor)

Dream Lake (Friday Harbor) - Lisa Kleypas Zoe Hoffman creates magic in her cooking and baking. There's something special about her concoctions, transferring the love and care she takes in making them into those who have the good fortune to eat them. She's the co-owner of Artist's Point, a B&B in Friday Harbor and when she crosses paths with Alex Nolan, the deeply troubled youngest of the Nolan brothers, both of their lives are transformed. Alex agrees to restore and renovate a cabin off of Dream Lake for Zoe. It's owned by her grandmother, Emma, whose health is rapidly declining because of dementia and Zoe plans to move her there so she can take care of her. There's also a mysterious ghost that's attached himself to Alex and he is trying to figure out who he is and why he found himself in Sam Nolan's house on Rainshadow Road. He's pretty disturbed about Alex's drinking and self-destructive behavior and makes no bones about.I loved the pairing of Alex and Zoe! What may seem to be an odd match is actually a brilliant one. Her gentle manner is enough to give Alex pause and while he believes he doesn't deserve someone like her and fears hurting her, he's also inexplicably drawn to her. Their romance is both heartwarming and sometimes disturbing at the same time but it really works. Her magic and Alex's ghost provide a touching level of mysticism that I still find enchanting in this series. It provides hope for the deeply troubled and borderline alcoholic Alex and comfort for Zoe who has to watch the one person in her life who loved her unconditionally slowly slip away. This book is special and Alex and Zoe's triumph will make you feel great as they find peace in themselves and each other. I cannot wait for the next book in this series.