Lover Awakened (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 3)

Lover Awakened: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood (Collector's Edition)  - J.R. Ward There are so many emotional highs and lows in this story I was exhausted at the end. What else would you expect, though, when the Brother at the center is Zsadist and the last book ended with Bella abducted and held captive by the lessor David "O". Zsadist's history as a blood slave was awful and damaging, not only to him but his twin, Phury. So much is revealed in this book it's almost too much to take in. We also learn more about the young man, John who was discovered by Bella and taken in by Tohr and Wellsie. He blossoms under their care and he is one of the heartwarming aspects of the story. The lows are tough to take but are just as critical as those high points. It is an outstanding book with many turns, twists and ironies. Most of the members of the Brotherhood have some role to play, which makes it even more compelling. This is my most favorite of the books in the series so far.