24 Hours

24 Hours (Audio) - Greg Iles Will and Karen Jennings lived the ideal life, he a successful doctor and she a former nurse and medical school student now raising their five year old daughter, Abby. Their lives were suddenly disrupted by a ruthless conman and kidnapper who put them through hell over a 24 hour period. Joe Hickey targets his victims and makes sure no one is ever hurt and he has yet to kill since all of his victims pay the money and don't contact the authorities. He has a system but gets more than he bargained for with this family. This was a chilling story that kept me riveted from the beginning. Karen and Will are in separate locations when their child is kidnapped and are kept apart throughout the ordeal. Their individual efforts to thwart the kidnappers and find a way to get Abby home safely was just as fascinating as the intrigue around the kidnappers. There are twists and upsets throughout and I couldn't stop listening to this book.The narrator for the audiobook was exceptional in that he was able to provide distinctions for all the characters and I could readily determine who was who. But, more importantly, he was able to tell the story in a very compelling way with just the right inflections. I highly recommend this book, especially this format. It was chilling.