The Black Echo (Harry Bosch)

The Black Echo  - Michael Connelly, Dick Hill Hollywood, California Detective Harry Bosch is called to the scene of a dead body and discovers he knows the identity of the victim and pursues the case further. Bosch finds himself joined with an FBI agent, Eleanor Wish, and pitted against enemies in his own department as he tries to solve the case. Bosch is the classic competent detective bucking the political system within the Beverly Hills police department. He's trying to solve a crime and the department is more interested in the optics of the situation, as well as keeping a leash on him. I liked this story and Harry Bosch. He's a good cop and detective, skirting the edges sometimes in order to get at the truth but still staying on the right side of ethics. Bosch is a flawed character with a lot of layers that make him really intriguing. The case was very interesting and had enough twists and turns to keep me on my toes. While my instincts were right as to who was involved, I was caught off guard on motive.This was my first book by Connelly and I plan to continue with this series. I enjoyed the story, the characters and the narrator (listened to an audiobook).