Four Play

Four Play - Shayla Black This review is for Pillow Talk by Maya Banks only. Zoe Michaels lives with her boyfriend, Chase Hilliard, and their two best friends, Brody McNamara and Tate Winslow. Zoe and Chase have an extraordinary sex life and often shared their most sensual sexual fantasies at night. After Zoe creates one of Chase's fantasies for his birthday, he decides to reciprocate with a fantasy involving additional men. He involves Brody and Chase in the adventure.The title of the anthology is appropriate for this story as it involves the relationship between the Zoe, Chase and their two roommates. It goes well beyond a menage scenario as they continue to explore other fantasies. Chase and Zoe are completely uninhibited but the relationships begin to strain after a while. It's well written and the complexity of the characters make it interesting beyond the sexual exploits. This is as sexually explicit a story as I've ever read so take that as a warning if that makes you uncomfortable. The emotional strains placed on each of them will surprise you and draw you into the story. It is well done.Note that characters from Seducing Simon appear in this story.