Seducing Simon

Seducing Simon - Maya Banks Toni Langston lives with her brother, Matt and their two friends, Simon and A.J. She's a veterinarian's assistant and they are all firefighters. Toni's been secretly in love with Simon for years and they all see her as their kid sister, except on one night when Simon turned to her in a drunken stupor out of anguish over his breakup with his girlfriend. He never remembered the episode and she ends up pregnant.This was a sweet story as Toni sets out to get Simon to see her as something other than a friend and have him develop feelings for her before he finds out he's the father of her child. She doesn't want him to just do the right thing but to have him share her feelings. Everyone in the household wants to help her with this child and all are puzzled as to who could be the father. It's an enjoyable story with many funny moments. The dynamics of the friends really make the story and Toni's efforts to get Simon's attention on a different level were hilarious at times. However, what detracts from the book is the length of time it takes for Toni to be honest with Simon, as well as her brother and A. J. It didn't seem realistic and it puts Toni in a pretty harsh light.It's a quick read and I liked the book and the characters. One thing to note...these characters appear again as a follow up in Pillow Talk, which is also included in the anthology, Four Play.