When You Wish Upon a Duke (Wylder Sisters)

When You Wish Upon a Duke - Isabella Bradford Lady Charlotte Wylder learns she is betrothed to the Duke of Marchbourne the day before she has to leave for London to prepare for her wedding. She's been raised in the Dorset countryside and is less than thrilled at the prospect of leaving her carefree lifestyle for the trappings of London society, not to mention a prospective husband she's never met. Lord Marchbourne, or March as he's called, is a bit anxious himself to see this young woman he's set to marry and orchestrates a chance encounter to get a glimpse. This first meeting sets off an attraction that brings delight and consternation to them both.This is the first book in the Wylder Sisters series and it doesn't suffer the foundation-laying pains you might normally encounter. The complete focus is on Charlotte and March and their developing relationship. It was refreshing to find they really liked each other at the onset and the attraction was passionate. Charlotte was delightful, even if she seemed more mature than you would have expected of an 18-year old, and was a perfect foil to March's staid and somber personality. The ensuing conflict was interesting without being too contrived and the advice given to the couple from those close to them made it that much more intriguing. The secondary characters were well developed and added just the right amount of flavor to the story. I loved Charlotte and March and their romance. The writing is extraordinary and entrenched in the history of that era, from the fashion to the venacular and to the societal norms. This is my first time reading this author and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series and any other books in the works.