Rainshadow Road (Friday Harbor Novels)

Rainshadow Road - Lisa Kleypas Lucy Marinn, a talented glass artist, suddenly gets dumped by her live-in boyfriend, Kevin. To add insult to injury, he's leaving her for her sister, Alice, who grew up indulged by her parents because of a childhood illness. Lucy takes a tumble on her bicycle on the same day and meets Sam Nolan who helps her and finds out she's had a very bad day.This story didn't have a lot of excitement but it was very much focused on the dynamics of these two people, their backstories and families and the effort to overcome ingrained behaviors preventing them to have meaningful committed relationships. Lucy is a talented, capable young woman who doesn't seem to be able to maintain relationships with the opposite sex. Sam is also a budding wine maker who has mystical horticultural skills. He is also the product of two alcoholic parents who seem to have permanently soured him on long-term relationships. Lucy also has a touch of magic with her glass taking life whenever she experiences strong emotions.Lucy and Sam come into this relationship with opposing dynamics. While she ultimately is seeking a long-term, committed relationship, she's also interested in what Sam has to offer in the meantime...a friendship with benefits but no commitment. Lucy's not ready to jump in a new relationship and thinks this "something different" might be the cure for what ails her in the moment. Sam really likes Lucy and is reluctant to get involved with her because he doesn't think she can ultimately handle a no-strings-attached deal and he doesn't want to hurt her. What I really enjoyed about the story was how they both evolved as their relationship matured. Lucy and Sam's relationships with their respective families were also impacted by their own transformations as they enjoyed each other without the pressure of trying to make something work. Their affection for each other was natural and the mystical elements in the story fit the characters quite well. I liked the magic and it offered something different and romantic to the story.If you're looking for a lot of drama and excitement, this isn't the story for you. What you'll find is a sweet love story between two very flawed people who are experiencing self-discovery with each other and who find a way to live with commitment in spite of their circumstances. It's a lovely story that I'm rating 4.5 stars.