Cold As Ice

Cold as Ice - Anne Stuart Genevieve Spenser was supposed to just make a stop in the Cayman Islands to get some papers signed by a client before she moved on to her final destination in Costa Rica. Unfortunately, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time as her client is a target of The Committee and she gets in the way. Peter Jensen (aka Madsen) is in charge of the assignment and has orders to get rid of her as she is now considered collateral damage. He's known as the Ice Man but this is one order he's struggling with. Genevieve is tall, beautiful and 15 pounds over her ideal weight, which normally wouldn't be important but that little detail separates her, in her mind, from being considered one of the beautiful people. Peter had an immediate attraction that he kept denying but constantly dragged his feet about disposing of Genevieve. She was feisty and never resigned to her fate, even to the point of being highly annoying. Peter and Bastien Toussaint are out of the same mold so we're dealing with another character who has ice running through his veins. The man they're trying to take down, Harry Van Dorn is particularly viscous and nasty, hiding behind a folksy exterior. He's cagey and keeps this story on an uneven keel. Genevieve struggles to figure out who's the good guy all the while trying to not be killed. This is another exciting adventure in the series with complicated and sometimes dark characters at the forefront. Peter isn't your typical hero and if you're looking for sweetness and light in your romance, this isn't your story. But, if you appreciate something different and more complex in relationships formed under extreme stress, this book is a great ride.