Entranced (The Donovan Legacy)

Entranced - Nora Roberts Sebastian Donovan has the gift of sight and works with law enforcement to seek out and capture criminals. He's just returned from an assignment that's drained him and is looking to take some time off to restore himself when he is asked to help a young couple find their kidnapped baby boy. Mel Sutherland, a private detective and friend of the grieving couple, is working the case and is highly skeptical of Sebastian's so-called gift However, she agrees to work with him to placate her friends. I was looking forward to Sebastian's story and it didn't let me down. In the first book, he came across pretty breezy so I was pleased to see he had more depth of character and dimension. He still had that wicked sense of humor, which played well with the prickly temperament of Mel who was all high energy and no frills. They complimented each other very well, both professionally during the effort to find the kidnapped child and as they developed a personal relationship. Their romance was fun and highly combustible given their natures and was threaded nicely with their work on the case. The kidnapping case itself was heart wrenching and provided added tension to the story. It was well done, interesting and gave me insight as to how well both Mel and Sebastian were at doing their jobs. Both aspects of the story were woven together really well and balanced so that neither was more prominent over the other. This was a very enjoyable story and I really liked everything about Sebastian and Mel. In fact, it felt like I was seeing the framework for the future relationship of Eve and Roarke in the In Death series! Who wouldn't love those dynamics?