Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect - Linda Howard, Laura Hicks Jaine Bright and her three co-workers and best friends are out one night having drinks and the subject turns to men. On a lark, they create a list of all the characteristics of the perfect man. What started out as a joke soon ballooned to local and then national notoriety as the list goes viral. And that's not the worst of it. While a lot of men have their noses out of joint about the list, one person is murderously angry because of it and wants to teach the women a lesson. This story was alternately funny, sexy and suspenseful, achieving a wonderful balance of all three making for a perfect reading experience. All four women were well developed, with their personalities true to that form. The relationship between the women was fun and entertaining. Jaine's burgeoning romance with the sexy detective next door was steamy and nicely drawn. Even though I guessed who was out to hurt the women pretty early on, it didn't interfere with the suspense level and the ending couldn't be more exciting. I listened to this on audiobook and hated for this one to end. It is one of my most favorite by Linda Howard.