His Valentine Triplets (Harlequin American Romance)

His Valentine Triplets - Tina Leonard This book was such a disappointment. I received it as a Harlequin gift on Valentines Day and am just getting around to reading it. I had assumed it would be fairly light fare but had much higher expectations of the story. My biggest issues were with the lead characters, Rafe and Julie. Maybe the first three books in the series may have had more about their earlier encounter (the story begins with them having already had one sexual encounter) but that's no excuse to not develop them for their own story. I learned nothing about these two, other than what they were dealing with in the present. Julie comes off as mean-spirited and unintelligent (she makes lots of questionable decisions) and Rafe, though a really nice guy, too affable to take seriously, even though he's the "thinking" brother. Next was all of the secrets that are still needing to be unearthed. Rafe claims he's going to Ireland to confront his Aunt Fiona but never does, nor do any of the other brothers. The dialogue was juvenile and I tired of Julie's inability to think clearly and give the man who was willing to support his family and LOVE her a break. It got to the point where I wanted to tell Rafe to run.This story had so much potential and it was squandered. If I wasn't so committed to finishing books, I would have ditched this one about halfway. Needless to say but I will anyway, I have no plans to read the earlier books or continue this series.