Mirror Image

Mirror Image - Sandra Brown, Dick Hill Avery Daniels was in a plane crash and survived. However, she awoke and found herself badly injured with no way to communicate and was mistakenly identified as someone else. Everyone now believes she's Carole Rutledge, wife of the Texas U.S. senatorial candidate Tate Rutledge. While recuperating in the hospital from surgery to restore her face but before she regains the ability to communicate, someone lets her in on the plan to assassinate Tate but she doesn't know the identity of that person. Avery makes the decision to continue to impersonate Carole and figure out the identity of the killer.As with most mystery/suspense stories, you cannot say too much about them without spoiling the experience for other readers. What I liked about this book was that it took a while for everything to unfold and I was learning about the other characters at the same time as Avery. The developing romance between Tate and Avery was tenuous because at some point she was going to have to tell him the truth. There were times when I questioned Avery's integrity as she allowed the ruse to continue for a protracted period of time, deepening the relationship with not only Tate but his daughter Mandy.The ending was a little anticlimatic but still interesting. When the identity of the killer was revealed, so was another twist. I completely blew it in guessing the real killer but that person was on my short list. This was an interesting book that held my interest throughout, especially listening to it during a long road trip.