Die Trying (Jack Reacher)

Die Trying  - Lee Child Jack Reacher is walking down the street in downtown Chicago and suddenly finds himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. But if you're Holly Johnson, maybe his timing was just perfect as Jack stepped into the middle of her abduction and was brought along for the ride. I was mesmerized by this story from the beginning as I followed Jack and Holly's journey to figure out what was going on. In typical Reacher form, he deduces the situation based on his unique ability to assembly information. The story does get bogged down, though, with a lot of details and facts I knew wouldn't make a difference for me in tracking the story.  I found myself skimming a lot of material and, by the end, was glad I'd done so because I didn't feel I missed anything. Eliminating that detail might have made this a more taut thriller but I still enjoyed it and found it riveting. Otherwise, this would have been a five-star rated book, in my opinion.