Deeper Than Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 9)

Deeper Than Midnight - Lara Adrian Hunter is assigned to escort Corinne Bishop home to her family after her rescue by the Order from Dragos' captivity. She opts not to contact her family to let them know that she's alive, well and coming home. I was pleasantly surprised by this story as I wasn't enthused about Hunter...until about 10 pages into the book. Both he and Corinne are pretty broken people, both having been innocent victims of Dragos' despicable Gen One assassin program. As events unfold, we get to see the unfortunate parallels in their fractured lives and realize they are both experienced "innocents." They couldn't have been better suited for each other. You do have to suspend belief a little for how quickly she adapts to a physical relationship given all Corinne experienced but we do need our HEA fulfillment:) In other action, the issues with Chase and the continued plotting by Dragos and his network are wreaking havoc with the Order and Lucan is forced to take some drastic actions against the threats. It's pretty shocking and I was caught off guard by the direction of the story, which made it that much more interesting.This was an extremely interesting and engaging story and I'm going to have to accelerate my plan for reading the next one as this one ends in sort of a cliff hanger. Well done.