All the Pretty Girls (Taylor Jackson 1)

All The Pretty Girls  - J.T. Ellison I thought the murder case, while graphic, was extremely interesting. About halfway through the book, I had my suspects down to two and the author does a great job of providing relevant clues that give you a shot at figuring it out. The case work was presented without being overly procedural and was interesting.This being the first of the Taylor Jackson series, I expected more in the way of character development and definition. There are a lot of details about the main characters but the book lacked depth in this area, or at least what I've come to expect to connect with a series. The romance between Taylor and John hits low on that meter as well.I recommend reading this book because it's a really good mystery and a very good read. I plan to read the second book in the hope that I learn more about Taylor Jackson and John Baldwin and find the connection to keep me in the series. I'd rate this 3.5 stars.