Storm's Heart (A Novel of the Elder Races)

Storm's Heart - Thea Harrison At the end of Dragon Bound, we discover that Tricks (Thistle Periwinkle), Dragos' PR director, is actually Niniane Lorelle, heir to the Dark Fae throne. She returns to Chicago to meet with her cousins as she prepares to accept her responsibilities as Queen and is almost assassinated. Tiago Black Eagle, one of Dragos' most powerful Wyr sentinels, is dispatched to protect Niniane until she completes her ascension to the throne. They didn't count on, however, their passionate connection to each other.There is a pretty good mix of mystery, action and romance in this story. While they know who tried to kill Niniane, those behind the attempts are unknown. There are also a host of interesting characters in this complex world who will keep you guessing about their motives and agenda. You won't know who is a friend or foe and that keeps things suspenseful. The romance between Tiago and Niniane is off the charts steamy but also problematic. We see a different side of Niniane as she battles her insecurities about being up for the challenge of her new role by using humor and skills from her previous job. Tiago also struggles with his dominating senses, learning to be more measured and respectful of Niniane.I liked the story, even though at times the romance seemed to dominate the action. It eventually finds its balance and lands in a good place. While not quite rising to the level of Dragon Bound, this book does the series justice and I'm looking forward to the next installment.