Kiss of the Highlander: 4

Kiss of the Highlander  - Karen Marie Moning Drustan MacKeltar, a Highland laird, slept under a spell in a deep cave for almost five centuries until he was accidentally awakened by Gwen Cassidy, an American woman on vacation in Scotland. She had taken this trip with the hope that she could add some excitement in her life and maybe meet a man. Her imagination couldn't even come close to this experience of a lifetime. With her help, they both are swept back to 16th century Scotland in the middle of a treacherous plot against Drustan.I'm normally not a fan of time travel stories as the paradoxes they present give me brain cramps. However, even though this one came close, the lusciousness of the MacKeltar twins made it all worthwhile and the time travel element actually enhanced the storyline. And, Gwen is such a fun character, with a ribald sense of humor and a lot of courage. Their romance is steamy and the twists and turns in the plot kept everything really interesting. I love this series and the MacKeltars lived up to the hype. I'm looking forward to the next installment in the series, which is Daegus' story.