To Sir Phillip, With Love (Bridgerton Series, Book 5)

To Sir Phillip, With Love - Julia Quinn Eloise Bridgerton sent Sir Phillip Crane a note of sympathy when his wife, Marina, died. Marina was also Eloise's cousin. When Sir Phillip answered her note, a 15-month correspondence was launched, and Eloise never told anyone, not even her closest friend, Penelope. When Penelope and Colin married, Eloise went into a tailspin as she'd always envisioned the two of them living their lives together as spinsters. Sir Phillip's last letter included a proposal so Eloise hurriedly leaves the wedding and shows up at his estate unannounced. Sir Phillip assumed Eloise, being a spinster, would be homely and a little bit desperate (he needed help with his 6-year old twins). Eloise pinned all of her hopes on Sir Phillip being the perfect match. The two of them now had to find a way to make this work once they determined that neither fit each other's perception of perfection.This is a lovely and sometimes sad story of two people who want the other to meet their expectations and end up making the best of it when it doesn't immediately happen for them. What makes this story work is the work they do to develop a relationship once the love at first sight moment doesn't happen. We get to see the romance unfold between two mature adults who have somewhat of a commitment to be together, for all the wrong reasons but there you have it.I found Sir Phillip difficult to warm up to until more of his backstory was revealed. Of course, we already had more information about Eloise but we gained more insight about her true feelings and personality, making her more interesting and likable.The Bridgerton brothers make an appearance and it is one of the highlights of the book. There are many laugh out loud moments that make this a must read.While this isn't my most favorite in the series, I really enjoyed the book and the strength of the characterizations. I continue to love this series and family.