Public Secrets

Public Secrets - Nora Roberts Emma McAvoy met her rock star father for the first time at the age of three when her mother, a pitiful but vengeful mess, forced the interaction. Brian McAvoy had no idea of her existence and fell in love with his daughter, his spitting image, at first sight. From here on out, the tale unfolds about their lives, a saga of heartache, betrayal, love and commitment. It's hard to capsulize this book into a one-paragraph summary as it chronicles the lives of this family over a 20-year time span. Events occur throughout that impact the family over a lifetime. There are a hosts of secondary characters that make this story so rich, including Emma's love interests and the other members of Brian's band, who are included as family. Unlike many stories that cover such a wide range of events, this book is well paced and there are no lulls. Roberts takes her time to get it right without being overly descriptive but also not omitting those details that help you capture the mood and tone of the characters, time and events. This book now ranks as my most favorite of all of Roberts' standalone novels and is competing very closely with my most favorite of her series. It's superbly written and kept me up all night because I couldn't put the book down. The book is a definite must for your NR collection.