Sweet Lullaby (Homespun)

Sweet Lullaby - Lorraine Heath Jake Burnett has worked for John Anderson as a ranch hand for three years when he asked him to marry his pregnant daughter, Rebecca. Her lover left before he knew she was with child with no return in sight. They marry and immediately leave for Texas where Jake owns land and has saved enough money to begin his own ranch. Jake and Rebecca's relationship was allowed to slowly evolve as her pregnancy progresses, after the birth of her child and beyond. We experienced it from both of their perspectives, which made the story even richer. Layered into the story was Jake's poignant history, threats to his livelihood, colorful secondary characters and emotional turmoil that creates a wedge for the couple. It is a well written story that I couldn't put down. There are interesting and unexpected twists to add to the mix, along with moments that are tear jerkers. I loved this book and especially Jake who is on my list of favorite heroes. This will definitely be a re-read.