Kill Me Twice (The Bullet Catchers, Book 1)

Kill Me Twice (The Bullet Catchers, Book 1) - Roxanne St. Claire Alex Romero is a security specialist/bodyguard with Bullet Catchers, a private security firm headed by Lucy Sharpe, an ex-CIA agent. He's been assigned to guard a Miami news anchor, Jessica Adams, who has received threatening emails from a stalker. Her new boss has ordered the security, however, Jessica is working secretly on an investigative piece and asked her identical twin, Jasmine "Jazz" Adams, to pretend to be her while she continues her covert investigation. The fun starts when Jazz shows up and Alex is waiting for her in Jessica's apartment. Once he learns of the pretense, they continue the ruse and it soon becomes clear that nothing is as it seems. Jessica is out of communication and they are unsure if that's deliberate or if she's in trouble. It's unclear who can be trusted and exactly what Jessica may be investigating. Meanwhile, Jazz and Alex are struggling to fight their attraction, he because it's unprofessional and his job would be at risk and she because he seems to want to take care of her when she can take care of herself. The story moves rapidly and you have to digest character details quickly to keep up with all the transitions. It works well for this mystery and you vacillate between believing Jessica is in danger or not, whether you can trust this or that person or not and who exactly are the bad guys. The ending is exciting with an unexpected twist i never saw coming. What doesn't work as well is the romance between Alex and Jazz. His emotional connection is pretty clear but Jazz is a bit murkier as much attention was devoted to their physical connection. It was difficult for me to invest in their romance though I rooted for them by the end of the story. I like the premise of this series. It's clear that Lucy is an enigma and I look forward to learning more of her backstory and continuing on to the next book.