Marshmallows for Breakfast

Marshmallows for Breakfast - Dorothy Koomson Kendra Tamale abruptly leaves Australia, returns to England and rents an apartment, which is actually a studio over her landlord, Kyle Gadsborough's, garage directly across the courtyard of his home. She later finds out that Kyle's wife has just left him and their 5-year old twins, Summer and Jaxon. Kendra has walked into a disaster with Kyle struggling with his parental responsibilities and the twins starving for attention and stability. This isn't what she bargained for but Kendra steps up in a big way. This is a story of broken people and relationships. Somehow Kendra and Kyle trust each other in ways they have never trusted anyone else. Kendra has her own demons and secrets and as she works to help Kyle move out of denial and confront his issues, she finds the work being done on herself at the same time. What's truly wonderful is the relationship formed between Kendra and the twins. It's central to the story and they are pivotal to all of the adult transformations. Most of the story is told through Kendra's voice but at crucial points, we get to see it through Kyle's and his wife Ashlyn's eyes. It's a lovely story of triumph over crippling events and the devastation caused from denial and silence. The story is well written and moves at a perfect pace. I was moved by this book and look forward to reading more by this author.