The Highlander's Touch (Highlander, Book 3)

The Highlander's Touch  - Karen Marie Moning Circen Brodie, the laird of Castle Brodie, placed a spell on a flask that was entrusted to him by the Fae. The spell caused whomever touched the flask to immediately appear before him and he would then take that person's life. Move forward 700 years to the 21st century and we find 23-year old Lisa Stone working tirelessly to help support herself and her mother who is dying of cancer. She is working late one evening at a museum and inadvertently discovers the flask, touches it and is flung back to the 15th century. Lisa suddenly finds herself in the private chambers of Circen where he's standing in all his bare glory. Lisa is an extremely sympathetic character who has been handed a tough break in her short life. Her life plans changed overnight when her father was killed in a car accident and her mother paralyzed. Lisa's plans for college dried up as the family fortunes disappeared and she had to work to survive. The final blow came with her mother's illness. Circen is equally appealing as he's leading a fairly lonely and isolated life, one by choice. He was tricked by Adam Black into becoming an immortal and is unwilling to subject himself to the pain of watching another mortal loved one die. The journey of their relationship was humorous and touching as we watch them learn to trust each other and succumb to their attraction. The supporting characters were fun and Adam's shenanigans provided even more comic relief. Lisa's turmoil over having left her dying mother alone created tension to the story and she had to make some tough choices in the midst of having a real life for the first time in her adulthood. I liked the story, Lisa and Circen and their romance. The historical elements enhanced the experience and made it even more intriguing. I'm enjoying this series and look forward to the next book.