Easy Innocence (Georgia Davis Mysteries)

Easy Innocence - Libby Fischer Hellmann What an intriguing story and a classic detective/mystery. Georgia Davis is a complex personality, tough enough but with rounded edges and someone you can't help but to like. She's flawed, of course, but has a moral center that is her compass. Georgia was suspended from the police force and is working as a PI as she awaits reinstatement. Georgia accepts a case to try to clear her client who is accused of murdering a high school girl. As she works the case, she finds there's much more than that on the surface. The story moves at just the right pace and it's like peeling an onion, discovering more layers each time. There were surprises I hadn't anticipated but should have since the clues were present. What was even more compelling was distinguishing who was right and wrong wasn't easy or clear cut, even with the facts in front of you. I like this character and have already downloaded the next book in the series. This is a solid start to the series and a good story.