Delusion in Death

Delusion in Death - J.D. Robb Eve and Peabody find themselves in a surreal situation when they visit the set of the Icove Agenda, the film based on Nadine Furst's book of the same name. They come face to face with their acting counterparts and it's uncanny how closely the actors come to looking and behaving like them. Later that evening, they return with Roarke and McNab to a glitzy evening with the cast, director, producer and Nadine, who has written the screenplay. During the evening one of the cast members is found dead in the home's rooftop lap pool so Eve and Peabody find themselves in the awkward position of investigating a murder that happened under their noses.This installment brings the series back to basics after the emotionally wrenching case in Dallas. The story isn't terribly exciting but the case is interesting, Eve and Peabody are back together in rare form again and we are treated to some pretty good moments between Roarke and Eve. I found myself just enjoying the snappy dialogue and the humorous interchanges between Eve and Peabody, which has been missing for the last two books. We also gain some insight as to just where Eve is in dealing with the emotional aftermath of her last case in Dallas.I enjoyed the story and the chance to revisit old friends. The mystery was engaging and the climax in Interview was classic Eve Dallas. This may not be the exciting book some may be looking for but it has all of the elements of the series that keep me happy.