Beg for Mercy

Beg for Mercy - Jami Alden Megan Flynn was just settling into what she thought would be the relationship she was waiting for with Detective Cole Williams when he suddenly left following a phone call, directing him to her brother Sean's address. This is where her nightmare begins when Cole arrests Sean for murder. Sean is ultimately tried, convicted and sentenced to death for a crime Megan is convinced he didn't commit. This all occurs within the first few pages of the story and it picks up again three years later as Sean's execution date nears. Megan is desperately trying to find a way to prove her brother's innocence and through a series of circumstances ends up reconnecting with Cole in the middle of another murder case.I was really intrigued by the premise of this book and it delivered. While Megan was often frustrating in her recklessness while pursuing possible leads, you forgave her once you realized she had nothing to lose. The romantic connection between Megan and Cole was established on page one so their reunion wasn't a surprise and was anticipated. It could have been handled with cheese but it was actually written with sensitivity, even after it became steamy. The murders were vicious and chilling and the perpetrator, whose identity was not revealed until the end, was sadistic. Be prepared for some scary moments as you can't be certain which characters are going to be sacrificed. I must admit I targeted the killer early on but it didn't change the thrill, suspense and fright factors. This is an extremely interesting story, well paced and written well. I liked Megan and Cole so the romance worked, too. I am definitely in for the next two books! Loved this one but had to hold back a star because I guessed the culprit a little too easily.