Dream Man

Dream Man - Linda Howard, Phil Gigante Marlie Keene lost her clairvoyant abilities six years ago following a traumatic event but they have suddenly returned with a vengeance. A vicious serial killer is preying on Orlando and Marlie has a lock on him. When she reaches out to the police, Detective Dane Hollister is skeptical at best. Despite his disdain for her gift, he cannot deny his strong attraction to Marlie. Before long, he becomes a believer in her both as a psychic and a romantic interest. Dane is like a bull in a china shop once he decides to pursue Marlie romantically. His super alpha style sometimes work but often have Marlie assert herself. While she has some fragility resulting from the aftermath of a vision, she knows how to handle Dane and the banter was humorous. There are some real steamy scenes involving the two of them as they spend most of their time together trying to capture the killer.The tension related to the murders is high, especially as the killer escalates and Marlie is at risk. There's a nice balance between the work to solve the case and the development of Dane and Marlie's relationship. The story is interesting and was a perfect audiobook for my road trip. I highly recommend this book, even though the narrator's voice interpretations were comical in the audio version.