Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy

Fifty Shades of Grey  - E.L. James The story picks up exactly where the first book in the series ended, with Anastasia trying to live with her decision to leave Christian. She's inconsolable, even though she was the one who walked away and she can't eat or sleep well. It isn't long before Christian re-enters her life and they decide to resume their relationship, with Anastasia asserting herself more and Christian trying to come to terms with being in a different kind of relationship for the first time in his life. The email communications between these two are some of the high points of this story. Their banter and cleverness provide humor as well as forming the strength of their communication with each other. Ana feels more empowered to express herself with Christian in these exchanges and he shows another, less controlling side of himself. People from Christian's past provide some tense moments for the two of them and threaten their reunion. Also, Ana's new boss, James, proves to be another challenge. As they explore each other in trying to maintain their fragile relationship, they are also having their own self discoveries. I continue to be mesmerized by this couple. This is more than an erotic tale, even though there's plenty of that and I've gotten an education! There's something raw and honest about the two of them, an innocence that they shouldn't have but do. The writing is so well done, even if there's some unnecessary repetition undoubtly because of the use of a first-person narrative. It's not enough, though, to detract from the story or diminish my attention or interest. The third and final book in this series is beckoning and I cannot resist. This is a most interesting story and I'm reluctant to see it end.