A Vision of Sugarplums

A Vision of Sugarplums - Jennifer Blake This was a free book from Kindle, my only reason for having it to read. It is short and sweet, something I read in between two intense books to help cleanse the palate, so to speak. It's Christmas Eve and Meghan Castle finds a nine-month old baby under her Sugar Plum Christmas tree display after closing her store. There was a lingering customer still there, Rick Wallman, who convinces her to take the baby home instead of calling social services. He also volunteers to help her. You shouldn't expect to find anything realistic about this story and it lives up to that expectation. While it's a sweet tale for the most part, it was hard for me to get around a deception of of this magnitude, perpetrated by Rick. He had many opportunities to redeem himself and chose not to. Of course, there's a happy ending but in the back of my mind I kept thinking Meghan shouldn't ever trust this man. I would have been okay with this being just a light fare romance if Rick had come clean as soon as he became aware of Meghan's history. That he didn't just turned me off in the end and tainted the "happily ever after."