Wages of Sin (Cin Craven, Book 1)

Wages of Sin  - Jenna Maclaine Dulcinea Craven's world literally changed overnight when she found herself suddenly on her own and hiding from a childhood friend and now turned vampire. At a loss for what to do, she discovers the existence of a group of vampire slayers called The Righteous and, using her powers as a witch, summons them to her home. Dulcinea has an immediate attraction to one of the three who show up, Michael, referred to as the Archangel of the group.I enjoyed the story but was troubled by some of the inconsistencies with the characterizations. Devlin, the oldest of The Righteous, was introduced as an extraordinarily powerful and menacing force but never showed up that way beyond the initial skirmishes. Once he faced Kali, he seemed to retreat meekly to a corner and was never again a force in the story. Justine, his French mate, showed more moxie than any of them. Michael has a lot of heart but this team never impressed me. Early on, they made it clear that Dulcinea was pretty much on her own, which I found absurd.Dulcinea and Michael's relationship also went from nowhere to action very quickly. It was hard to get invested in them as a couple since it just seemed to be borne of lust. They are both very likable as individuals but I had no basis to root for them as a couple.The most exciting aspect of the story was the final confrontation with Kali and Sebastian. However, the events leading up to it were very curious. The scene at the inn the night before the ritual at Stonehenge was just disturbing...I had no clue where it fit in with the events before or after.I don't regret reading this book but am unsure if I want to move forward with the rest of the series. I'm rating this 3.5 stars.