Ascension (Guardians of Ascension)

Ascension - Caris Roane Kerrick is a vampire Warrior of Blood and is assigned to protect a powerful mortal, Alison Wells, as she goes through the rite of ascension, or transformation into a vampire. She is one of the most powerful mortals to be encountered in centuries and an evil faction led by The Commander, Darian Greaves, is out to see she doesn’t complete her ascension. To complicate matters even more, Kerrick is fiercely attracted to her and she him because it turns out they are “breh hedden,” or destined to be mated. But, Kerrick vowed to never mate again after his wife and child were murdered.I had some difficulty getting started and staying with this story, primarily because of the emphasis on the breh hedden. While I understood the theory behind the phenomena, it got tiresome after awhile when every other page seemed to focus on Kerrick and Alison resisting their attraction or being in constant heat. I like steamy but this couple went from zero to instant “gotta have you” from the onset.About halfway through the book, it became pretty exciting because of the clashes between the Guardians and Darian’s villains. There is a scene referred to as the “spectacle” that I found extraordinary and shows promise of things to come further in the series. The created world still has some rough edges but was interesting and complicated. There are some continuing character issues, mainly with the leader of the Guardians of the region, Endell, who wouldn’t know a leadership quality if it bit her. She’s crass and not very inspiring. Also, there’s a governing committee to mediate between the two factions (COPASS) whose decisions defy believability. I plan to continue the series and hope that some of these issues are resolved.