Night Sins (Deer Lake)

Night Sins (Deer Lake #1) - Tami Hoag When an eight-year old boy goes missing from a small Minnesota town in the dead of winter, Special Agent Megan Malloy works to assist Mitch Holt, the town's chief of police, in locating him. She's newly promoted to the position as the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension's (BCA) regional agent and as the first woman in that role, she's also got a lot to prove. There was a lot going on in this story in addition to solving the abduction. Megan has a fast and firm rule against dating cops and with sexism running rampant, she can ill afford a relationship with Mitch but they can't deny their attraction. He comes with quite a bit of baggage as well so this makes for a relationship already weighed down at the onset. Megan also has a huge boulder on her shoulder, borne from her own isolated childhood and career ambition. The parents of the abducted child are also at each other's throats as their precarious relationship starts tearing at the frayed seams. The local media has a separate agenda that interferes with the case and jeopardizes Megan's job. The town goes viral after one suspect after another is scrutinized. The notion that Deer Lake is a sleepy, safe little town is also turned on its end. Secrets abound and the town has to face its vulnerabilities while the abductor remains at large. This story isn't just about the case but the human condition and its inherent frailties. Many relationships are examined and there are no perfect people in this story and there are many surprises. It's intriguing and I had a tough time putting it down. Be forewarned that this is a two-book commitment as all is not resolved by the end of the story, which is a bit unfair. However, I had planned to read the second book, Guilty as Sin but not necessarily right away. Now, curiosity demands that I do so. Still, this book is worth it if you're interested in mystery, suspense, romance and a somewhat literary approach to the very many characters in this story.