Never Love a Highlander (McCabe Trilogy)

Never Love a Highlander - Maya Banks Caelen McCabe stepped up to fulfill the promise made by the McCabes to ally their clan with the McDonalds by marrying Rionne McDonald when Alaric reneged on that promise. Caelen was once duped by his first love and it cost his father and Ewan’s first wife their lives. He’s committed to not ever falling in love again so he truly sees this as a marriage of convenience. Rionne wonders if the third time’s the charm given that both Ewan and Alaric’s promises fell through. Of all the brothers, this is the one that intimidates her the most as he seems less accepting of her nature. Rionne wears mens clothing and has spent most of her life learning swordplay and how to defend herself just like any man. She’s not your traditional female and Caelen is determined to transform her into a proper lady of the McDonald keep. Both are troubled by their unexplained attraction to each other and over time, begin developing deep feelings for each other. This story has the perfect complement of action, adventure, romance, steam and excitement. Rionne is a formidable character who can fight as well or better than most men. She and Caelen work to find a way to accept each other and provide leadership to the McDonald clan. Their romance unfolds so naturally, without the normal drama you find in similarly crafted situations. The book has one of the most exciting and climactic endings that will resonate for some time after you’ve finished. I loved this book and will count it as one of my favorites. I’m sorry to see the trilogy end.