Jack Daniels Series - Three Thriller Novels (Whiskey Sour #1, Bloody Mary #2, Rusty Nail #3)

Jack Daniels Series - Three Thriller Novels - J.A. Konrath Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels is a seasoned Chicago PD detective who is assigned to a new case involving a serial killer dubbed the Gingerbread Man. She, along with her partner become embroiled in trying to stay a step ahead of the killer who is also out to do Jack in. I enjoyed this first book of a cleverly titled series and liked the no-nonsense Jack Daniels. The cases are pretty gruesome and the killer is pretty twisted. This book isn't for the faint of heart but the procedurals are good and Jack makes her share of blunders, which is the reason I rated the book 3.5 instead of a 4. Some of the errors shouldn't have been made by a cop with her experience. Even so, the story kept my interest and I like Jack. She's not perfect and has her share of personal issues but not so much as to find her despairing. It was great listening to this on audiobook as two narrators were used to cover gender. I plan to continue the series.