The Search

The Search - Nora Roberts Some of the reviews here are brutal, which is a mystery to me. I happen to love dogs but didn't think that was at the basis of my interest of a story about a woman dog trainer. Fiona Bristow is a survivor who has recreated herself following pretty tragic circumstances. She relocated herself to Orcas Island in Puget Sound and is devoting her life to dog obedience training and as a volunteer with the Canine Search and Rescue. Fiona also trains dogs for search and rescue. Enter Simon, a wood artist and furniture designer who has recently moved to the island, along with a new puppy given to him by his mother. He enlists Fiona's help with his little terror, Jaws. Fiona and Simon don't have the typical romance, which makes this fun and enjoyable. He's prickly, grumpy and blunt. She's airy and attainable. They are not complete opposites but the differences make it work. I found the dog training segments enlightening and told you a lot about Fiona and gave you insight as to why she's a survivor. And, a lot of the stories were just plain funny. Fiona's dogs were loving and typical of the breed. Jaws was perfect for his grumpy owner. I'm a big fan of the In Death series under J. D. Robb so I'm less sensitive to the murders outlined in this book. The serial killer plot was suspenseful and made me nervous as I anticipated the ending. My criticism is that the end was anti climatic and could have been more exciting. Otherwise, I found this to be a solid addition to Nora Roberts' body of work. You have to read between the seams and weave Fiona's talents into the fabric of the story.