Vision In White (Bride Quartet, Book 1)

Vision In White: Book One in the Bride Quartet - Nora Roberts This is a pleasing story of four friends since childhood working together in a wedding management company called Vows. Mackensie Elliot is the photographer for the company and is the first of the friends focused on in this series. Her relationships with her parents have negatively shaped her views on love and marriage.Roberts does a fine job, as usual, in providing insight into the wedding planning and management industry as a backdrop to Mac's story. While there are some predictable elements, very little time is wasted in the development of the romance and it progresses normally. Mac's commitment issues aren't overblown but at times oversimplified. All in all, the story is interesting and the characters likable to make the time spent reading this book worth the effort. I have found some of Roberts' other stories more interesting but I would still recommend this book.