Taken by Midnight (The Midnight Breed, Book 8)

Taken by midnight - Lara Adrian This story continues from where the last book ended with Jenna Tucker-Darrow awakening at the Order compound in Boston. It is soon clear that something extraordinary is happening to her physically following the Ancient's implant but just what is still a mystery. Meanwhile, Brock continues to take a personal interest in her care and the two of them begin to have deeper feelings for each other. I liked that we finally got an opportunity to see the amazing women who are mated with the warriors in action. We knew of their talents and it was time that the stories started including them strategically. I also liked the exciting action of this book where there were a number of squirmishes that sent my pulse racing. The stories are at their best when the full contingent of the Order is in action. While I really liked Brock and Jenna's romance, I often wearied of Jenna's constant introspection. She was also pretty exasperating in the beginning with her repeated demand and need to return to Alaska to a life that no longer existed, as if she had one before being assaulted by the Ancient. Let's face it, she was contemplating suicide before all of this happened. What worked about the romance is they both were coming from a similar place of loss, which gave them a foundation that was believable. I like them as a couple and really want to see more of her helping with the business of the Order. It's going to be interesting watching her as the only "human" in the mix. The confrontations with Dragos are being drawn out and I hope we will see an end to that storyline soon. Otherwise, I'm still extremely interested in this series and look forward to the next books.